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Short Sale Department, LLC is a Mortgage Brokerage Business (NMLS) located in Boca Raton, Florida.  It was organized in 2007 to answer the rapidly growing demand for a professional short sale service.  Short Sale Department, LLC provides the processing of short sales, as well as, counseling to real estate agents, homeowners and buyers.  Our service mitigates losses for lenders and borrowers.  We have developed a customized computer database system that gives us the ability to handle each file extremely efficiently and keep up with the exponential growth of the short sale industry. 

When a homeowner owes more to the bank than a property is worth, we negotiate with the lender to sell the property for less than they are owed.  When the lender agrees to do this and the transaction closes succesfully, this is called a Short Sale.  The buyer receives a clear title.  As the mortgage meltdown continues across the country, the demand for short sales continues to rise dramatically.

The benefit to the homeowner to do a short sale is to keep foreclosure off their credit.  The benefit to the lender to do a short sale is to mitigate their losses.  By doing a short sale, the lender will avoid the cost of the foreclosure process.  In addition, by the time the foreclosure process is complete, the property will very likely have further declined in value due to a declining market or possibly due to deterioration of the property.

If you want to keep your home:  

We will process a Loan Modification for you to try to lower your monthly payments.